Say Goodbye to the 3 Biggest Headaches of Social Media Marketing with Caption Crusher

What do small businesses, influencers, and market dominating brands all have in common? Typos. It happens to the best of us. People are in a rush, have clumsy fingers, or whatever else could cause one to write Amercia instead of America on an app for a major political campaign in the United States of America…

Sadly, proof-reading isn’t fool-proof.

In the early 2000’s, everyone’s mind was blown when they realized they could fluidly read sentences that contained words with scrambled letters.

The only real take away from this viral realization? Proof-reading sucks and no one will always catch every small mistake.

The bigger your brand, the more people care about your mistake(s). Just look at Nike, a multi-billion dollar company, that has all of the means to hire the best marketing specialists. They used “then” instead of “than”, but Twitter could not let it go.

A similar embarrassment happened to Little Mix and Scott Disick. They copied and pasted a caption recommendation from their editor, but forgot to remove the ‘you should copy this’ part. Awkward.

Soctt Disick Caption Mistake on Instagram
Little Mix Caption Mistake on Instagram

What is another similarity between small businesses, influencers, and market dominating brands? A large amount of money is spent on caption writing and content creation.

The average content writer earns $18 - $26 hourly. A social media manager typically earns $19 per hour. An actual marketing campaign can be hundreds or thousands of dollars. On average, small Canadian businesses spend approximately $33K annually on marketing.

That's a whopping $2,750 per month. Comparable to what one would pay in rent or a full time employee.

Marketing is an integral part of business. You need to market your business to gain traction. Although, with any budget, everyone needs to pick and choose what they can and cannot afford.

Web design, branding, and high-res photos/videos, need to be left to the professionals. Content ideas and caption creation — well the sad truth, most specialists are already copying ideas from online forms or other brands.

Caption Crusher Empowers Marketing While Reducing Budgets

Say goodbye to embarrassing mistakes, absent minded moments that create bland content, and wasteful spending: say hello to Caption Crusher.

These are big promises for a single app to make, but Caption Crusher does not disappoint. Social media and content marketing have been reinvented to everyone’s benefit.

Embarrassing Mistakes

Picture this. You spend 23 minutes thinking about the perfect tweet. You’re proud that it’s the perfect balance of wit and fun. You hit the Tweet button with confidence: you walk away feeling proud and excited for the interaction it generates. You look back 1 hour later: with 30 notifications, 24 of them are calling you out for saying ‘your’ not ‘you’re’.

A simple apostrophe and e, took your perfect tweet and ran it through the mud. No one is thinking of the cleverness that you dedicated 23 minutes to: they only see the mistake.

With Instagram and Facebook, you can go back and make edits, but the post itself will still be flooded with comments highlighting the typo or adjustment.

Just take a look at Jamie Lynn Spears recent caption switch up. She didn’t make a spelling mistake, but she did make the embarrassing mistake of writing a petty caption which led her to turning off her comments completely.

Just like Jamie Lynn Spears, Little Mix or Scott Disick, you’re not going to let a good post go to waste. Instead it becomes a small stain on your brand.

In the grand scheme of your business, this is a minor hiccup, but it’s still embarrassing. Depending on your industry and the type of mistake, you may be in some serious heat.

Unfortunately for Uber, that was their case. Their automated response was more than an embarrassment. It was a disaster that left them in societal drama that could have been avoided if they developed their AI fully.

Caption Crusher has perfected millions of captions and their AI. Not a single caption has a spelling error, grammar mistake, or automation's that will leave you and your customer base disappointed (to say the least).

The social media tool even offers a randomized option — which is a feature an enormous amount of platforms ignore. Even Netflix is FINALLY testing a shuffle option after years of consumers begging for one.

Plus, there is no weird commentary like “posted with Caption Crusher” or awkward spacing between words or sentences. Your keywords automatically fill in the appropriate blank spaces and your brand is advertised appropriately.

Improving your social media post is as simple as choosing a category and/or searching a topic, copying it, and pasting it.

You just saved 23 minutes of your own time or $20 you were going to pay someone else.

Using Caption Crusher makes you wonder how major platforms like Twitter, Instagram or Facebook overlooked this convenience.

Bland Content

What comes first, the caption or the picture? Depending on the day it could be either. Sometimes an image will spark a witty comment, other times a thought will invoke a visual.

Whatever your method is, writer's block and absent minded moments happen.

Posting about your services, products, or repeating overused quotes, gets boring. You will lose engagement and even worse your followers will drop. It’s hard coming up with original marketing content and a lot of businesses are afraid to stray away from posts relating directly to them.

Creative insecurity sparks that fear. Caption Crusher will take the burden of creativity off your back.

When you’re lacking ideas for marketing material, search your industry in the tags section: a list of relevant captions will populate. Now, all you have to do is find a relatable image.

Most businesses already have a pile of photos they’re ready to use. If not, you can find a high quality photo by inputting the same keyword in a free stock photo site, like Pexels.

Before Caption Crusher:

“New year, new me”

Caption Crusher example on Instagram

After Caption Crusher:

“We are nearly 1 month into our "new year, new me!" resolutions. Are you doing everything possible to fulfill your 2021 dental goals? (add better image)

Caption Crusher Example on Instagram

Before, you had a bland, overused caption. After using Caption Crusher, you have a unique take that welcomes engagement and inspires a more specific image.

Once you fill out the brand survey and realize one caption can make for dozens more, you’ll wonder why no one thought to build this earlier!

Wasteful Spending

Marketing will never not be a vital part of your business. Influencers, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and even the largest corporations need to have a marketing plan.

Everyone felt the financial stress of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Business owners had to shift their focus to online selling and create virtual solutions for their operations. Seeing as a lot of small shops and entrepreneurs didn't have any online presence pre-pandemic, it wasn’t a cheap transition. Even if you did have online presence, the competition went through the roof.

Even though everyone was in need of marketing and advertising services, agencies had their contracts dropping left, right, and center. Budgets were slashed even though the expectations were the same or higher.

LinkedIn and Vision Critical surveyed 450 marketing specialists, 42% of respondents cited budget cuts as a significant challenge. Their tools and staff cost money too. Providing the same quality can be difficult with less money to play with.

If a business wasn’t limiting their marketing budget, they probably shifted to in-house digital marketing altogether. The switch was already on the rise and in 2020 alone there was a 10% decrease in businesses outsourcing marketing services.

Switching to in-house marketing isn’t as easy as most businesses think. One of the hardest qualifications to fill is creative thinking.

So, it makes sense that artificial intelligence is a leading service companies want to incorporate into their marketing strategy.

So, if you saw a lot of low-res photos, missing captions and 0 branding within posts, now you know why.

Caption Crusher can’t solve all of your marketing needs, but it can take that $35K content writer salary and shrink it to $300 annually.

You can cross the creative thinking issue and desire for more artificial intelligence automation's off your in-house marketing list.

Start Crushing Social Media Workflows

SocialFox released a blog on 25 common and fixable mistakes businesses make on Instagram. You’re probably thinking “25?! How are there so many?”. Social media marketing is an art form. It takes a lot of practice and perfecting to generate a return.

Instead of being overwhelmed and stressed out, look for beneficial social media tools like Caption Crusher. Out of the 25 common mistakes, Caption Crusher completely eliminates five. It also helps reduce the risk of making an additional four of the common mistakes.

From 25 to 16, that list seems a little less intimidating.

The reality is, the only people that want to write captions are influencers. Truthfully, they probably don’t want to write captions either. But, no matter how much everyone hates them, captions still play a huge role in social media so they can’t be ignored.

Ready to start crushing your content marketing? Check out Caption Crusher’s affordable pricing plans. Their membership fees allow any professional the opportunity to transform their social media presence!